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Kureha entered the field of pharmaceuticals in 1977. The development of Krestin, an anti-cancer agent that aims to boost immunity and eliminate cancer, was based on the expertise and know-how gained from the field of food sciences. Kremezin, a therapeutic agent for chronic kidney disease is a unique spherical adsorptive carbon that utilizes carbon material technology and is now a mainstay in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Kureha will continue to develop medicines based on both immunity evaluation technology and adsorption technology.

Pharmaceutical ProductS & Contacts
Kureha America
420 Lexington Ave - Ste 2510
New York, NY 10170
KRESTIN (anti cancer agent)
KUREHA M6271 (Mycelial products of basidiomycetes Tricholoma matsutake)
KREMEZIN® (Therapeutic agent for chronic renal failure)
COVALZIN (Therapeutic agent for chronic renal failure for cats)
  Operation Clean Sweep
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